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Hi everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome to sellleads.tv. So let me introduce you to sellleads.tv. We are buying arm of saellleads.tv. sellleads.tv have been in business 30 years now. I’m the owner and we sell accredited investors, we sell prospects of accredited investors, and we sell client lists of accredited investors. So if you’re doing private placement, you wrapped it up, and you’re moving onto something else, and you wanna monetize all the people that you bought, which I’m not really interested in, but the people that you called qualified vetted to be accredited and mailed private placement memorandum, those I’m interested in, or you’re just done or you have a client list whatever the story may be, the bottom-line is that’s what I’m looking for. The second thing I like is numismatic coin buyers that we sell, numismatic coin buyers, bullion buyers, bullion IRA. Once again, people that requested information, and that particular I only buy client list. Once in a while, I buy some opt-in stuff, but to me in the numismatic coin and bullion arena, I want a guy who bought before. To me, a check writer is the best. So sellleads.tv is designed for you to call me up and say John, I’m out of business right now, I’m retiring, I wanna sell my database, I wanna monetize it. Hey John, I have everything that we prospected last year, we’ve called the people twice, we don’t wanna piss them off, we’d like to take those leads and monetize them, and use them for my future advertising, or I wanna take a vacation and I wanna sell my entire database. So that goes on. It’s a good way for you to make some money and that’s how we stay in business. So if you have accredited investors for sell, if you have a client list for sale, I don’t wanna buy what you bought from somebody else. I want your stuff, your internal from your particular deal. I don’t want anything California that you brought from another list broker. I already have it. I’ve been doing this 30 years, I own 95% of everything’s out there. So if you’re interested, feel free to call me, I will suppress what that means, I’m gonna check the phone numbers. Obviously I’m not gonna buy it. Believe me, we’ll cut a good deal, we’ll put it together and I’m a fair guy and I’m sure you could use the money. My checkbook is open and waiting for you to call. You have any questions, feel free to call me John Fisher 561-239-0364

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At SellLeads.tv, we know you are busy and don’t want to spend a lot of time extracting the value from your sales leads. Just follow this simple three-step program:

Step 1: Submit Your Leads

We have made it easy for you to submit as many leads as you like. Simply provide us with the lead information, and we do the rest. Just assemble a spreadsheet and send it either as an email attachment or via disk.

Step 2: We Review Your Leads

In today’s market, it is extremely important that lead lists be reviewed for usability and uniqueness. The federal Do Not Call Registry, while popular with consumers, has been a time-consuming hassle to lead sellers. We remove the hassle by scrubbing your lead list against the Do Not Call Registry. We also know the exceptions to the do-not-call rule, such as those for businesses, political organizations, non-profits, and survey-takers. Our knowledge can translate into more qualified leads for you. We also ensure that we don’t already own your lead.

Step 3: We Pay You Money

Once we have a final total number of leads that are eligible for purchase, we will offer you our deal price. You will find that we offer the best deals in the industry for buying and selling leads. We pride ourselves in making sure our customers receive full value fairly and quickly. Our payment terms are flexible: we can send money via PayPal, check, or credit card.

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