Sell Us Your Leads: Get Additional Income From Leads

Last Updated on February 5, 2020 by sltv

Ask any retailer, marketer or financial manager, and they will tell you that the job of identifying prospective purchasers and investors can be inefficient. There are two main activities this group engages in to drum up prospects:

1) Website Contacts: With websites, you pull leads in by attracting their attention through click-per-view advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, media campaigns that point to the website, social media, and interesting, informative blogging. Once someone lands on your website, you need to capture some basic information, such as name and email address. You do this through a call-to-action involving some sort of quid pro quo: they divulge their identities (they fill out a form); you give them access to something of value, like an ebook, private web pages, special discounts or a newsletter. The result of all this activity: a database of contacts.

Now, even the most efficient operation is going to end up with a lot of dead-end leads. wants those leads if your business involves coins, collectibles, private placements, oil and gas drilling ventures, high-ticket tangibles like gems (colored gems are hot right now), legitimate precious metal bullion delivery (no leverage OTC metals dealers, please) and similar ventures. You can sell us your leads and use the proceeds to help finance your marketing campaigns.

Here is an example: One of our neighbors has a thriving vintage movie poster business he runs from his website. He specializes in rare original posters from the U.S., France, Italy and England. There is apparently a whole network of collectors who trade these posters at ever-increasing prices. Surveys reveal that individuals who collect one type of item are more likely to collect other valuables as well, such as gold and silver coins, rare stamps, and antiques. If you are involved in this sort of business, we are very eager to buy your lead information.

2) Surveys: Survey data is collected through push operations – you contact prospects through phone calls, emails and/or direct mail. For financial managers looking for private placement investors, the surveyor first establishes the prospects’ financial statuses – are they accredited investors, do they have cash that they want to put to work, are they interested in private placements? If so, then you must wait thirty days, the so-called “cooling down period”, before you can send them a private placement memorandum. Obviously, not every surveyed individual is going to end up as a customer – we want them! Sell us your leads and get some return on all the effort you expended to identify them.

Remember: you can monetize your contact information if you sell us your leads. Call us today or go to SalesLeads.TV for more info!