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Hi everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome to What is It’s the website we use to buy leads. This is Romeo, Romeo is our security dog.

Anyway, I’m looking to buy leads guys, and that’s what we’re doing with this video here. If you have a database from a private placement, if you just wrapped up a deal, whatever the reason may be, and you’re selling your leads, please call me at 561-981-8777.

I’m a buyer, I’m always looking for databases specifically accredited investors, people that have been mailing a private placement memorandum, bullion buyers, numismatic coin buyers.

Again, I will suppress, I need to get just the phone numbers first, I’m gonna match them to see if I own them, I’m not gonna reverse repent them, I’m not looking to rip you off, I’m just looking not to buy what I already own. If you’ve got a good amount of leads, we could do this thing, you’re gonna get a nice check.

Believe me, it’s better than a paper sitting in the corner in a big box doing nothing. If you have any question, feel free to call me. John Fisher, 561-981-8777 or you can visit our mother site SalesLeads.TV. Have a beautiful day and god bless you.

Hey everybody welcome to, so of course you know in order for me to sell something I got to buy it too so I developed We buy private placement memorandum recipients we buy newest amount of coin buyers we buy bullion buyers so if you’ve got a database you’re looking to get rid of give us a call.

Whether we do some swapping or you do some selling, it’s crazy to let that stuff just waste away you spent all that money prospecting and you spent all that money trying to get them to send you money and to buy your product and now because they don’t buy from you you’re just going to discard the product that’s crazy. Here’s the bad news, 20 percent of the brokers write 80 percent of the business so 80 of your paper was never closed properly and that’s why this formula works and has worked for me for the last 32 years.

If you got people that you know you did a private placement memorandum the deal’s done you moved on to the next one or you prospected you know three or four thousand people they said no to you you know it doesn’t mean because they said no to you they’re gonna say no to somebody else. They never buy the deal they always buy the broker. There’s nothing wrong with the leads I’m selling you, your salesmen just suck. If you take a look at my clientele the ones that never complain have a house full of closers.

So is designed for you to come to me and say hey John I got this dynamite list, I got all the clients out of it I’m ready to sell it. I’m begging you call me, I got a big checkbook and I write plenty of checks. I love buying new leads suppression is very important I’ve been around for 32 years. We’ve got to make sure that I don’t buy what I already own suppression is. We give each other the phone numbers and then we make sure we don’t sell each other phone numbers that we already own. I won’t do business any other way I’m not buying my own numbers twice.

Other than that I mean we’ll know we can go small five ten thousand at a time and then go for the entire database so give me a call. You got anything that makes sense you want to inject some more money into your marketing, your call-in leads your tv your radio advertising whatever it is you got as long as it’s qualified on the numismatic coin side for at least 5,000 on the accredited investor side 25 to 50 client list whatever you got 561-239-0364 thank you so much for your time and god bless.