Sell Us Your Leads: 5 Reasons Why

Last Updated on February 5, 2020 by sltv

The lead list industry provides sales and marketing departments with information that is vital to the profitability of many companies. Telemarketing, email campaigns and direct mail campaigns depend on carefully prepared lists that meet the standards set forth by the Do Not Call federal and state regulations. The information must be accurate, timely and targeted. For instance, we sell lists of accredited investors to financial managers, fund marketers, private start-ups and many other entities that sell to this elite group. As we have pointed out before, accredited investors have at least $1 million in net wealth and/or income of at least $200,000 for the past two years. We purchase information about this population because they are the most likely to participate in financial investments, and are therefore valuable to our clients.

Since we are not the only list sellers in the industry, you might ask why you should sell us your leads. Here are five cogent reasons:

1) We pay top dollar. If you compare our rates to that of the competition, you will quickly see that no one pays more for quality leads than we do. If you are going to sell leads, we believe you should receive maximum compensation for the information you provide.

2) We guarantee confidentiality. We strictly guard the privacy of our list sellers. List buyers and list members never know the source of the information on our lists, only that we have combed through the information to ensure its authenticity and compliance.

3) We can handle any volume. From one to a million, no list is too small or too big. We have purchased all sizes of lists in our 22 years of operation, and have the financial stability to buy large databases yet the interest in buying small ones as well.

4) We form relationships. Many of our list sellers are also list buyers. Trust has to be earned in this industry, and this can only be done with honest dealing. We tend to get a lot of repeat business because we are trustworthy, and this leads to long-term relationships with both list sellers and buyers.

5) Your information won’t be misused. We won’t sell the information we buy from you to just anyone – there are certain customers we routinely turn down because of questionable practices. For example, we don’t do business with OTC precious metals dealers.

If you are concerned about how the data you sell will be ultimately used, then it makes sense to do business with – we treat our customers and our data with respect. So if you do decide to sell us your leads, contact us here!