Monetizing Your Leads

Last Updated on February 5, 2020 by sltv

We have dealt with many customers who thought their leads were unusable, and therefore valueless. We proved them wrong, by offering them cash for their qualified leads.

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There are many reasons why you may not be able to make direct use of your sales leads. It could be that your company is about to go out of business, or is dropping a product or service line. Perhaps your company is understaffed, and you simply cannot follow up on all the leads you garner. Whatever the reason, it just doesn’t make sense to abandon perfectly fine leads that others can use. We have positioned ourselves to help you extract the true value from your unusable or unwanted leads.

Here is one actual scenario: the owner of a small precious metals trading company in Florida had accumulated a treasure trove of leads which he methodically used to generate a moderate income flow. Upon his early retirement, he found he had over a hundred high-quality uncontacted leads. We were happy to buy his lead database from him, and he was quite pleased with the money he received.

Think of all you could do with the extra cash you can earn by selling us your leads. You can pay off bills, contribute to your retirement funds, or just go out and buy something you’ve always wanted. That’s what monetization is all about: you turn something of value into cash. Once you have the cash, your choices of how to use it are unlimited!

Don’t let another day pass with unused leads gathering dust in the corner. Start monetizing your leads and turn them into money quickly and effortlessly. Fill out our short contact form and sell us your leads today!

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