Sell Leads

Last Updated on December 7, 2020 by sltv

Hi everybody, my name is John Fisher, welcome to What is Well, I own and with that company, we sell accredited investors. Sell leads was an idea that came up a bunch of years ago.

I kinda like really stopped pursuing it, but now I’m back again because it’s becoming really harder and harder and harder to find this stuff that’s not out there. That village bike been ridden by everybody is what’s out there, and I need something unique, I need you to sell me your leads, something unique that hasn’t been sold over and over again, something that you have prospected them, something that you have requested the information, they have been vetted to be accredited, they have the money to see the private placement memorandum, qualify 25 to 50, that’s what I’m looking for. Or, client lists.

Let’s say you have a numismatic coin company or you have a bullion company, and you’re out of business. I don’t want anything that’s open, I don’t wanna start playing with proprietary lists and getting sued because somebody stole somebody’s client lists. I don’t need anything that’s stolen, please don’t even call me.

If you’re selling leads and they’re accredited, or the coins of bullion or numismatic coins, I’m a buyer. I will suppress your phone number against my phone number. If I own them, I’m not not gonna buy them. If that’s a problem, don’t even call me. The bottom line is I have a big fat checkbook, I’m always looking for good leads, and all I ask for is a 30-day exclusivity on them, so when I sell them to my clients, they don’t get a thousand phone call.

If you have any question, call me, 561-981-8777 or visit our mother site SalesLeads.TV, and if you’re looking to sell leads, I’m your guy.