We Buy Leads

Last Updated on February 5, 2020 by sltv

We are actively looking to buy leads in the following areas:

  • Precious Metals and Numismatics
  • Oil and Gas
  • Accredited Investors
  • Buyers or Sellers of Private Placement Memoranda

We buy leads from surveys taken within the last 30 days. We also buy client lists after verifying the lists are unique and new. SellLeads.TV caters to an exclusive demographic, and we are interested in lists with the following characteristics:

  • Surveyed prospects with annual income of $200K over the past two years (or $300K combined) and/or a net worth of $1,000,000+ plus experience managing their personal portfolios.
  • Accredited investors that have large positions in municipal bonds, mutual funds, annuities and stock. These investors should have experience managing their personal portfolios.
  • We purchase leads that are primarily intended for companies seeking to target accredited investors with $25-$50K in risk capital who are actively looking for investment opportunities and are willing to listen to your offer.
  • We buy leads related to brokers in securities, commodities, oil and gas and private placement industries, not to mention those in hot opportunity markets such as technology, entertainment and real estate.
  • We want lead lists that are tailored for specific industries, and custom surveys are desired. Whether for direct mailing or telemarketing, our extensive industry experience allows us to purchase top-quality leads.
  • We require that lead sellers complete our Seller Affidavit Form that holds [get_website_address] harmless in case of stolen leads.

Speak to a Lead Consultant Toll Free Regarding Selling Us Your Surveys and Accredited Investor Lists: 1-800-590-5323