Survey Data: You Have It, We’ll Buy It

Last Updated on February 5, 2020 by sltv is always looking to buy financial survey data from private fund managers and other financial professionals. Our parent organization, is a top provider of accredited investor lists, and we gather the entries on these lists via financial surveys. Accredited investors are those that have at least $1 million in wealth or have earned at least $200,000 income in each of the previous two years. Accredited investor lists are very important to managers of private funds, because an investor usually has to be accredited in order to participate in a private placement.

A private placement is the sale of restricted securities (shares or bonds) on an exempt basis – the securities are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Exemption from registration is available through a variety of avenues, but that most commonly used is known as Regulation D. By meeting the provisions of this regulation, a private company can prepare a private placement memorandum (PPM) allowing it to sell restricted securities. The securities are restricted from resale unless:

  • The issuer registers with the SEC
  • The investor holds the securities for a period of one to two years
  • The investor issues a PPM to sell the securities privately

As we stated above, we purchase survey data on accredited investors. That puts us in a different league from many list merchants, who cook up lists of accredited investors using formulas based on Zip codes. That’s right — these list merchants will not be offering to buy your survey data, because they are satisfied with guesstimates based on where a person lives. We have a term for that kind of data: crap.

What is amazing to us is that anybody would buy Zip code-based lists in the first place. Imagine the telemarketing experience: a financial manager calls listees only to find out they are either not accredited or have absolutely no interest in private placements. That’s a few minutes of quality time the financial manager will never get back – not to mention the aggravation engendered on both sides of the conversation. Now compare that to survey-based lists provided by private fund managers. These listees are accredited and have previously expressed interest in private placements. What a difference! A financial manager will get a much better success rate and waste much less time using our lists compared to Zip code lists.

We go one step further. All our accredited investor lists are based on not one, but two, surveys that have been conducted in the last six months. Our high standards mean that we will offer top dollar for your financial leads. Contact us today!