Buy Your Leads: Do You Have Website Gold?

Last Updated on February 5, 2020 by sltv

One of our best sources of leads is webmasters who have contact information that, for one reason or another, they cannot personally use. At SellLeads.TV, we can use those leads, therefore we will buy your leads! As you know, web traffic is the mother’s milk of Internet ecommerce. Website owners deploy various strategies to boost traffic, from posting high-quality content to establishing a network of backlinks that enhance a site’s search engine performance. Some take the click-through route, in which websites pay search engines such as Google for top placement on relevant search results. The Google program is called AdWords, but other browsers have similar programs. All of these techniques to increase site traffic consume resources – time, money or both.

Once a visitor reaches your website, your task is to convert the visitor into a lead. You do this with a call-to-action, an offer that requires identifying information in return for something of value: a coupon, a downloadable e-book, a newsletter, etc. The call-to-action typically revolves around a short form that visitors quickly fill out to qualify for an offering. This how you build your contact database, which forms the basis of your marketing effort to sell your product, service or viewpoint. Email is a primary weapon in this battle for sales, so at the very least you need to gather an email address in your call-to-action form. More typically, you also get a name and address. You mount email campaigns to share valuable information with your leads and hopefully nudge them into a purchase. Email correspondence may also let you collect additional identifying information about your contacts.

Sometimes, unanticipated events interfere with your carefully crafted marketing plan to convert leads to sales. Like what? Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • Your website sells merchandise under license. You may have dozens of items under license, or possibly just a single one. What happens when you suddenly lose that license or the license loses its value? For example, suppose you had a license to sell books and DVDs concerning a program that increases you capacity to remember, but you forgot to renew it and a competitor gets it instead.
  • The product you sell has just been listed by the Food and Drug Administration as unsafe and its manufacture and sale have been halted.

In both cases, you have a contact database that you really can’t use anymore. Enter We will buy your leads for top dollar. Such leads have to be new to us and not listed on the National Do Not Call Registry or any state DNC list. In other words, we will help you monetize leads that you cannot use. Please call us today and we’ll give you full details.